Order my new piece "Sakna" now on bandcamp (including all previous releases) and get the chance to win a museum glas framed 60x40 cm art-print of the artwork below.
The print will be shipped for free in Germany. Listen on all platforms here!

here's the link to my "rest your soul" playlist on spotify

Rest your Soul 

some original tunes below

Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist, producer and photographer Klaus Sahm began his musical life playing guitar in a hardcore band. He continued his journey studying piano, while working as a musical director and producer for acclaimed artists in the pop-genre. His own music and compositions gravitate towards the calm, the quiet notes, always focussing on a distinct sound and feel, somewhat melancholic, somewhat bittersweet. 

„The piano is the closest thing to my thoughts - like a translation for things i want to say, feelings I need to express and worries i need to let go off. I hope some of it translates to you as well.“

All Artwork and Photography is made by Klaus.  

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