A Requiem For My Brother

The "Cycles" EP is out!

Thank you again for supporting this very personal and emotional project, a dedication to my brother. 
Thank you for your heartfelt messages; I really appreciate the fact that some of you purchased your first-ever vinyl or even bought a record player to start listening to vinyl in 2023. This format means a lot to me, since I grew up listening to fairy tales and children's audiobooks at my grandparents' house on vinyl - together with my brother. 

With this record, I invite you to dive into my process of emotions, seeing the whole record as one piece, a chronological tale of events.
Below you'll find some visuals for this record.

Thank you. 


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"Cycles (The Call)" is the opening of the "Cycles" EP, dedicated to my brother and best friend.

It reflects the wild thoughts and emotions I experienced after receiving thedevastating news of my brothers passing. 
His passing turned my whole life upside down, and it still feels surreal. 

We both enjoyed and continue to enjoy extreme emotions and adrenaline, so I wanted to capture something extreme, perhaps unusual, something that looks and feels surreal, while trying to express my disorientation. Being suspended several meters high in the air, upside down from a crane, did exactly that for me.

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"Life (Death)" is part of the "Cycles" EP, dedicated to my brother André, who suddenly passed away last year. 

 Life (Death) is a reflective journey evoking emotions and thoughts about the fragility and beauty of existence.

It explores the mystery that surrounds us all, trying to offer comfort and encourage introspection on the inevitable cycle of life and the ever-present reality of mortality. 

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"Unfold (Coming Home)" is the first piece of the "Cycles" EP, dedicated to my brother André, who suddenly passed away last year. 

 It conveys the fear and anxiety I felt when returning home the first night after my brother and best friend passed away. 

 With each step towards my family house, I felt the intensity of the situation unfolding around me, bracing myself to see my parents in the throes of deep grief and pain. 

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This record is dedicated to my little brother and best friend who passed away in 2022. 
 He was an extraordinary, kind and loving human being, a role model and influence. 

Recorded in 2022 in Berlin and London. Mastered by Zino Mikorey.
Klaus Sahm published via Edition Dépaysement with peermusic Germany and Blue Marble Label

 A letter to him and thoughts about his life:

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