February 16

My new tune "Ease" is out now!

„Ease" is out now, breaking the Cycle of the „Cycles" EP. The heaviness and sadness give way to a feeling of calm and acceptance.

This piece aims to provide a serene respite from the world's general turmoil, embodying hope and tranquility amid life's unpredictability. 
Crafted from personal resilience and stoicism learned through loss, l'm inviting you to a momentary escape from the cycle of bad news and uncertainty.

I captured the photo for the cover artwork after a rainy day in Los Angeles last year. The atmosphere in that light was breathtaking. To me, these clouds, hovering over the barely visible silhouette of a building, represent the fleeting and uncontrollable thoughts that often cloud our minds. They remind us that like the clouds, our worries and fears are transient, ever-changing, and beyond our control. Yet, beneath them lies the steadfastness of our reality - constant and resilient.

I hope you like this piece as much as I do.


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