Klaus Sahm

Order my new piece "Sakna" now on bandcamp (including all previous releases) and get the chance to win a museum glas framed 60x40 cm art-print of the artwork below.
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here's the link to my "rest your soul" playlist on spotify

Rest your Soul 

some original tunes below

Klaus Sahm has been working as a musical director and songwriter collaborating with other artists for years but never released any music by himself - until now. 

His first Single "Isolement", an immersive and slow 9-min impression of how he sounds when no one is around, was released in 2020.It was recorded at night, it is improvised, it captures the moment of thoughts transforming into music."maybe this piece of music can calm you down, help you fall asleep, make you feel less anxious in difficult times or do anything you'd expect music to do. because that's why i listen to music - it moves me" 

 In April he collaborated as a producer with Tua on his System-EP, co-producing the first track "Frühling" and releasing a dedicated piano-version.
The piece „Dépaysement“, which follows the French saying to „feel like a fish out of water“ has been released in June. 

„Finalement“ is the latest of three Songs, that connect in terms of sound and visuals. It is his personal closure with this unreal year, a kind of melancholic-dystopian waltz, that manoeuvres between harmonies and moods, that is not quite sure about what's next.

All Artwork and Photography is made by Klaus.  

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